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AC is in Good Shape

Having a functional AC is something that most people need, especially when you live in a country that gets pretty hot. However, when trying to keep up with life’s daily demands and the many things that need to be maintained in the home, it’s easy to forget to maintain your AC units. With that being said, it’s something that you should add to your to-do list and make a priority for several reasons. The last thing you want to happen is to find that when you need it the most, it isn’t functioning properly. On that note, continue reading to find top tips for ensuring that your AC is in the best shape possible in the coming months.

Why Maintenance is So Important

When you have any appliance, especially one that is electronic, maintenance is essential. This is because when you don’t, you could end up spending more repairing the item over time than you did on the initial purchase. With an AC, during the Summer, it can get very hot, and you don’t want to end up boiling at home. Seeing as it can get as hot as 90 degrees Fahrenheit or beyond, you want to be well-prepared with a cool and working air conditioning.

In that respect, keep reading to find tips on how you can maintain your AC.

Keep it Clean

One of the first tips to consider when it comes to maintaining your AC unit is trying your best to keep it clean. There are several tips you can take on board when it comes to doing this and you’ll find a couple that may be helpful below.

Look for the Manual: Manuals are usually created by the manufacturer to help you learn the ins and outs of a product. In addition to this, they’re also there to ensure you don’t make any major mistakes that could lead to you damaging the product. In light of this, it may help if you use the owners’ manual when cleaning it as you’ll usually find specific instructions there. This could help prevent the need for A/C Repair.

Turn it Off: For safety reasons, turn off the power when you need to clean the AC. On the exterior condenser or compressor, you will typically find a shut-off box. You can also shut off the power at the breaker box. If you don’t do so, you could put yourself at risk, so remember that safety comes first.

Inspect the Fins: Take a look at the fins of your unit and check to see if anything is damaged. It’s important that you do so with care as they can easily be bent or crushed. Use a soft brush to stay on the safe side.

Change the Filter

The filter of your A/C should be changed at least twice a year on heating or cooling systems to maintain your unit. This filter change should occur at the start of a cooling and warming season. This should help look after your air conditioning and also teach you more about how it works when you do it yourself

Clean the Evaporated Coil

The warm and humid air from your house is usually blown through the evaporator coil. The cold coil then absorbs heat from the air and cools it before the air is circulated back into your house. Seeing as it plays such a vital role in keeping your house cool, keeping it clean is important.

Algae and mold can build up and plug the drain, and a common sign is when the drain either isn’t flowing or is doing so slowly. If you don’t clear it up, it could cause damage by flooding unto the floor. On the other hand, if it has a drain float, it will cause the system to stop cooling to avoid flooding.

To clean a plugged evaporator drain, find the drain which is typically a one inch PVC pipe. Once you’re able to follow it to where it drains, use a wet/dry vacuum to clean the drain for two to three minutes to clear any biological matter. If you’re still facing the same challenges after cleaning it, then you may need to look for A/C Repair, Mount Pleasant SC.

Get it Serviced

If you aren’t good with maintenance and would rather outsource, it may be better to find a good commercial AC repair company that can help with maintenance. Do research to find out the best companies in your area and see how much they’ll charge to have a look at your AC and fix any issues. Here are some signs that your A/C may not be in the best shape.

It Won’t Turn On:  One of the most obvious indicators of your air conditioning having issues is when it won’t turn on. This could mean that the thermostat isn’t correctly set or that power isn’t reaching the A/C unit. If you try both of these things and it still isn’t turning on, then you may need an A/C replacement.

Lack of Airflow:  At times, you begin to notice that your A/C isn’t cooling as much air as it used to. This could be because the refrigerant isn’t recharged. As a solution, you can look for A/C Repair, Mount Pleasant SC to help you fix this issue and get your unit working as you want it to work again.

Leaking:  If there is water accumulating next to your furnace, then this could be a sign that something is wrong with your air conditioning. The cause could be anything from blockage or the disconnection of the tube. To fix this issue, inspect the tube for clogs or any disconnections. If this doesn’t do the trick, look into commercial AC replacement as soon as possible, so you don’t have to suffer in the heat.

When To Get a Replacement

It’s important that you know when it’s time to replace an A/C unit and get a new one. Some common signs aside from the ones mentioned above could be it being more than ten years old, finding yourself undergoing expensive repairs, or experiencing frequent breakdowns. If you are experiencing any of these things, you can look for A/C Replacement, Charleston SC.

Keeping your AC in good shape is something that isn’t impossible to do. It’s about setting little reminders and being more conscious of how it’s operating and what you may need to do to improve its performance. By doing these things, you should find that when you need it the most, your AC units come through.