Condensation or sweating is a common problem with air conditioner ducts. Long term condensation leads to various issues with your AC system.

Condensation can frequently be seen as water drops collecting on the outside of AC ducts and vent openings. It can also form small water pools on the floor in severe cases.

How to Stop Condensation on Your AC Ducts, Southern Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning

Causes of Condensation on Ducts

Condensation on ducts could happen due to various reasons:

  • A difference in temperature levels between outside air and air inside the duct.
  • AC ducts that were incorrectly sealed.
  • Failing to put insulation around the air ducts.
  • Excess humidity around the home or attic.
  • Dirty air filters or restricted airflow.

Is Condensation on Your Ducts Dangerous?

Small amounts of water on your ducts are not dangerous, but if your vents sweat a lot, it can increase the humidity levels in your attic. The hot, humid environment provides optimal conditions for mildew and mold growth.

If water droplets are rolling off your cold ducts and your refrigerant levels are low, your vents could freeze over. Ducts filled with ice are very heavy. If they get heavy enough, they could even fall through your attic. 

So, it is a good idea to check on your duct system and condensate drip pan regularly. If you see an excessive amount of water on your air ducts, you need to have professionals like Mount Pleasant Heating & Cooling look into your system.

How to Stop Condensation on Your AC Ducts

Here are tips on how to stop condensation on air conditioning ducts:

1.     Put Insulation Around Ductwork

If your ductwork lacks insulation, you better insulate it before summer starts and you start experiencing condensation issues. Use metallic foil duct tape to properly insulate your ductwork. By doing this, warm air won’t reach the cold surfaces of the ductwork.

2.     Properly Maintain Ducts

Keeping your ducts clean can help to reduce sweaty ducts. Unfortunately, DIY duct cleaning is not advisable. Instead, you should have an HVAC professional clean your ducts every three to five years.

If you live in an older home and your ductwork has never been cleaned, you might have decades of dust and debris built up in it. Mount Pleasant Heating & Cooling offers professional duct cleaning services in Mount Pleasant SC to combat duct problems.

3.     Ensure Air Filters Are Clean

Many homeowners don’t know this but did you know that cleaning your air filters can help lower your energy consumption by 5-15 percent? Filthy air filters on the other hand will increase your energy consumption and cost you lots of money.

4.     Reduce The Humidity Level 

If you live in a humid climate, it may be challenging to rid your home of excess moisture. However, reducing your home’s humidity levels can reduce the amount of condensation on your air ducts. 

The Mount Pleasant SC HVAC Experts to Call for AC Ducts Problems

Following these tips should help to keep condensation to a minimum. However, if you’re having persistent issues with your air conditioner, you should contact Mount Pleasant Heating & Cooling. 

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